Our program in England/United Kingdom includes:

  • Preparing :

We are going to have an interview meeting, during which we’ll have the opportunity to meet each other, give you detailed and useful information, answer your questions, advise you properly, discuss your expectations and help you make the right decision when it comes to choose the family.

In case a personal meeting is impossible, we can arrange a session on Skype.

  • Constant support during your stay in U. K.

We, as well as our coworkers are  by your side during the Program.

Our coworkers are members of BAPAA (British Au Pair Association) and IAPA (International Au Pair Association). They have many years’ experience and they can ensure that the environment in the hosting families is secure.

  • Welcome pack including:

-a welcome letter from our associate with all her office details on

-a British mobile phone company SIM card that can be used in all phones

-an Au Pair Handbook which has been written by all BAPAA members

-an up to date contact list of au pairs in and around the area

-details of the aupairfriends website and a password to register

-details of English Schools if you are placed in the agency’s area (usually, host families inform the au pair about English classes in their area).

  • 75+ GB Pounds/week (au pair) or 90+GB Pounds/week (au pair plus) as pocket money
  • Your own room
  • Full board
  • 2 full days off /week
  • 28 days holiday/12 months (pocket money will be paid  during this time)
  • Linguistic skills improvement
  • Possibility of attending language classes
  • Possibility of obtaining a recognized language certificate (Cambridge)
  • Experience living in Great Britain and familiarize with the culture
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Traveling (upon choice, at your expenses)
  • Families usually facilitate your registration, in the case you are a European citizen who have the European Health Card, in their Health Centre
  • Driving insurance
  • Certificate of Participation in Au Pair Programs
  • Occasionally: 

the family might pay for:

-English language classes

-return plane ticket (in some cases)

-driving lessons for you to get used to the British way of driving (the family usually pays that)