frequently asked questions
The program is running throughout the whole year.
It is better to make your application 3-6 months before the expected departure.
Applications in April, May and June (either for longer or shorter stay) may give results very soon.
At the moment, there are programs in Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain.
It could be 6-12 months, as families often wish to have an au pair throughout the school year. As well, it could be around 3 months, especially in the summer (except from Germany).
Also, a family may wish to extend  a program upon agreement beyond  12 months (except from  Spain and Germany).

A program au pair plus is different from an au pair program in working hours (more  hours/week) and it might also include some other tasks. Therefore, the pocket money for au pair plus is higher. For example, in Great Britain it is 90+ GBpounds  for 30-35 hours/week.

In Germany, there isn’t any  au pair plus program.

No, it’s not. Though, many families would like to host an au pair who is an experienced driver.
Specifically in Great Britain, families usually pay for driving lessons, so that the au pair (who is already a driver) familiarizes with the British way.
You can prove your experience by presenting references from babysitting, children’s camp, homework help, lessons, pedagogical studies, etc.
Although we could try to place you both in the same area, it depends on the available host families. So, it cannot be certain.
In any case, your first consideration should be choosing the right family. Otherwise, one of you, or both, might have a terrible time with an unsuitable family. So, being in the same area with a friend should not be your priority.

Yes, although it could take longer for them to find a hosting family.

All European Union citizens can obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

You can get it by contacting the health insurance institution where you are insured and which is responsible for covering your healthcare costs. So, you can benefit from emergency medical treatment and care when you are temporarily abroad.

In Great Britain:

families facilitate your registration in their health center with your EHIC.

In France:

families help you with health insurance.

In Germany:

families offer health as well as  accident insurance.

In Spain:

use of European Health Insurance Card.


You’ll find those under “tasks”, depending on the country of your choice, in “COUNTRIES”.

Generally, tasks have to do with childcare, for example:

-wake children up, help them dress, playtime, a walk in the park, book reading, put them to bed

-transportation to/from school, homework

-wash children’s clothes, keeping their room clean and tidy

-preparing children’s breakfast, light meals or snacks

-keeping your room clean and tidy, as well as kitchen and bathroom cleaning after use

*Details should be discussed and agreed between you and the hosting family.

A basic knowledge of the language, so that you can communicate with the family and other people is fine.

In Spain, a very good knowledge of English or German might  also be desired (especially for summer au pair).

If you can’t solve it through discussion, you should address to us, as well as to our coworkers there. We will help you to find a solution. If not, we might need to find a different host family for you.

Anyway, you should inform us and our coworkers immediately.

There are regular meetings in every country. Their location and number may vary.

It depends on the school, the course, the area, or the country.

For example:

2 x week in some schools of English language in Great Britain is 190Pounds per term.

1 lesson every week could cost 250 Euros per semester in Germany.


You’ll find details at “program cost” in the country of your choice.

Our coworkers are members of IAPA (International Au Pair Association) and BAPAA (British Au Pair Association), with many years experience that ensures the standards of the program as well as a secure environment in the hosting families. They work in a regular basis with many of the hosting families.

In any case, we -and our coworkers in the country you have chosen- will be by your side. Please, inform us, if any problem occurs.

Au pair faq

Frequently asked questions

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