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About us

Aupairation is an au pair agency recently established by three friends and coworkers.
Interaction among people from various countries is really intriguing to us.
Spreading the international Au pair programs all over the South Balkans is such a case.


what is aupair

Au pair (french) means couple, on equal terms.
An au pair is a person between the age of 18 and 28 years old, living abroad with a family so he/she can learn that country΄s language, the way of life and its culture. Au pairs are treated as family members and become intergrated into the hosting family. They also receive some pocket money every week. In exchange, they help the family with childcare and light housework. An au pair is definitely not a housewife or a professional nanny.
The main goal of the program is to learn or improve a foreign language and to experience the cultural exchange by living with a family in a country abroad.
The Au Pair programs is a quite old and well known institution in Europe as well as in the United States of America.


why being an au pair

Au pair programs offer you an opportunity to visit a foreign country at extremely low expenses so
you can improve linguistic skills by socializing with native speakers
you become a fluent speaker of that language
you learn more about its culture and way of life
you explore future studying or working possibilities
you get to know people from all over the world and make new friends for life
you gain new experiences
you improve your communication skills
you gain self confidence
you acquire knowledge and experience in childcare
you … “open your wings”


why choose us

Our concern is that you have a good time, that you stay safe, that you are satisfied as well as that your program completes succesfully.
we will stay in touch before, during and after your departure
you will get all the information and advice you need during special meetings and communication
our coworkers are recognised members of IAPA (INTERNATIONAL AU PAIR ASSOCIATION) as well as British BAPAA (BRITISH AU PAIR ASSOCIATION)
we, as well as our coworkers, will be by your side, if needed
we will bring you in contact with other au pairs in the area, if you wish